Do Not Copy or Duplicate Keys

What does this mean?  Buying locks with keys that cannot be duplicated by unauthorized persons means the manufacturer has received patents on its' keyblank and lock cylinder from the Federal government. For a specified number of years (currently 17) the manufacturer has exclusive rights to his designs and no other manufacturer can copy them without suffering punitive damages.

Just stamping Do Not Copy on a key means nothing because there is no way to know who the owner of the key is and who is allowed to copy it.

When you buy a patent protected lock and key, the company who sold it to you will register you as the owner. This may be done by giving you a card similar to a credit card which will identify you to authorized dealers or the company will keep your signature and identification on file to be checked when anyone requests a copy of your key. If that person is not on the signature card, they will be told the key cannot be cut for them, only for the owner.

Patent protected locks and keys are great for:

  • business owners with employees who need to hold keys,
  • anyone hiring cleaning services, babysitters, dog walkers, etc.
  • senior citizens with care givers or home health service,
  • condominium building entrances for added security,
  • anyone who must give a key to someone to hold or use. 
  • landlords to limit the number of tenants moving into an apartment.

Some brands to check out are Medeco, Mul-t-lock, Assa, Schlage Primus and Kaba