Vacation Safety Tips

Your summer vacation can be ruined by a crime. Warm summer weather marks an increase in home invasions, muggings and purse snatchings.

Here are some tips we hope will help make your summer safer.

  1. When you leave home, be sure all your windows and doors are locked and don't hide a spare key for others to find.
  2. Plug a light and a radio into timers, to go on and off so it looks like someone is home.
  3. STOP all deliveries of mail, newspapers, etc. or have someone pick them up everyday.
  4. Ask someone to cut your grass and put out some trash each week.
  5. Do something about your phone, forward calls or use an answering machine or leave it off the hook.
  6. If possible have someone reset the curtains each day and have them park in your driveway.
  7. Disconnect and secure your automatic garage door.
  8. Replace any cracked windows and broken locks
  9. Don't announce your vacation in public until after you have returned and never permit anything in the press in advance of travel.
  10. If you carry a purse, keep your keys separate so if the purse is stolen the thief doesn't get your keys and address as a bonus. Keep your credit cards separate from your wallet. Try buying jackets with inside pockets or use a travel wallet that hangs inside your jacket.  
  11. Don't flash cash. Pay by credit card or keep appropriate amounts of cash handy for the check out.
  12. Be alert and walk in well-lighted, high traffic areas. 
  13. When driving, park in well-lighted areas and keep your doors and windows locked. Use you seat belt to anchor your purse or put it out of sight.
  14. Get a free security inspection from your local police or a licensed locksmith before you leave. Strong locks, lighting, alarms and protected windows will make your home a difficult target for burglars. 
  15. Finally, nosey neighbors stop crimes. If you see anything suspicious like someone hanging around, an unfamiliar car circling or parked in the alley call the police. They are happy to check out these calls that will probably move the bad guys out of their area.

We wish you a safe and happy summer.
Kathy and Al Zaniolo