Lock out, Look out!

Locked Out?  Lost Your Keys?

That is usually the time people think to call a locksmith. Unfortunately that is the opportune time for you to be taken advantage of by fly-by-night or fly-by-internet locksmiths. Here are some suggestions to prevent that.

Find a locksmith before you need one and list it in your cell phone.

Mount a key box with push buttons outside your house with an extra door key.

Give an extra car key and extra house key to a friend or relative.

Put extra keys in your wallet. (Duct tape them to a business card so they don't fall out)

And if all that fails, your local police are usually willing to help. (Some damage may occur)

So, why not stop by the shop and get those extra keys made TODAY.  Avoid the aggravation of being locked out, over-charged and possibly having to repair the damage of a broken door or lock. You will be glad you did!