Beware of Locksmith

The internet is a marvelous tool for searching and finding information. Unfortunately a lot of con artists are easily found.

Locksmiths with addresses in Oak Park, Forest Park, River Forest and more are not at those addresses listed. Most do not have an address in the state of Illinois.

Some companies had very nice reviews. Click on the reviewer and you see that they gave rave reviews to many other locksmiths in several states. It is amazing how many locksmiths these reviewers have used. They must really move a lot.

A consumer in Cook County recently was charged $1400.00 to rekey her locks. Her credit card company has refused to refund or help her in any way.
Illinois requires a license to be a locksmith. This is for consumers' protection. Write down the phone number you called and the price you were quoted. Get confirmation on the price when the locksmith arrives. Get I.D. and write down the name and license number before you let any unknown locksmith do any work.

If you think you are being scammed you should tell the locksmith to go away or you will call the police. The Attorney General, Lisa Madigan's office, and the Cook County State's Attorney are aware of the problem and have complaint forms available.