Identity Theft Part 3

Counterfeit checks with our locksmith company name were created by a thief. Over 40 checks were accepted by Home Depot, CDW, O'Reilly's and PEP Boys. The checks were printed with a phony bank routing and account number. This was enough for the check approval services to approve the checks.

That was January and now at the end of April I have finally received letters from the check approval services that they have "considered my claim" and marked all the checks as fraud.

Stealing a company name and phone number was all that it took to walk away with about $10,000. Thanks to a check approval service that is ill equiped to tell a good check from a bad check, these costs will be passed on to the rest of us.

At PHS Locksmiths you will be asked for ID with all credit cards. Checks are only accepted if you have an open account or for service done at your place of residence. We thank you for understanding our caution.