Remodeling? Consider Adding a Safe.


Remodelling your home is the perfect time to build-in some additional security by adding a concealed safe.

Wall Safes, you've seen these in the movies hidden behind paintings. You can have your valuables close by but hidden anywhere. Behind a picture or mirror is common, but how about a hidden panel in a bookshelf or behind a moveable piece of furniture? During your remodel any of these can be built into the design by your contractor.

Floor Safes, if your remodeling includes tearing up concrete floor, consider an in-the-floor safe. They have a steel plate that fits on top so you can walk on it. Hide it with a rug, a panel or a piece of furniture. They may not be as convenient to access, but they are usually larger and more secure.

Fire protection and/or Burglary protection are available.  (Not sure what this means, check out our article on Fire and Burglar rated safes.)

You can really use your creativity in figuring out how to hide these kind of safes.

Ask your contractor if he or she can build a safe into your home construction project.

We carry Gardall Safe Corp. and AMSEC (American Security Products Company) wall and floor safes.