When a SAFE is not safe


I always thought of the cheap "safes" as "Please Steal Me Boxes" (they really shouldn't be called "safes").  What's a "Please Steal Me Box"?  A "Please Steal Me Box" is generally any "safe" that's under $200 and can be easily carried by a single person.  After all, you're putting your valuables in a convenient, easy to carry, easy to open box.  The thief now only needs to grab a single box to get everything rather than rummaging around to find your valuables.

In addition to storing valuables, these are also often used as gun safes.  As the article on Forbes "Unsafe Gun Safes Can Be Opened By A Three-Year Old" points out, any safe that a three-year old can open should NOT be used to store guns.  In fact, there's a great video on that article of a toddler "bumping" open one of these safes.

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