ABC Lookout Series Exposes Ghost Locksmiths

I have been writing articles since 2004 on the "ghost locksmiths".  Using thousands of addresses that do not belong to them, using many different names and phone numbers.  They appear to be on almost every corner in all metropolitan areas in the country.  Calls go to a national call dispatching center who forwards the information to subcontractors.

The really bad part of this is the "ghost locksmith" who shows up is usually poorly trained, and charges rates much higher than you were told it would cost. You are not advised of the increase until he presents his bill. Want to know more? This expose'  has the whole story. Parts of it even I didn't know. ANC NightLine Expose

Remember, look for a legitimate locksmith before you need one and put it on your phone. Better yet get spare keys made and placed in a secure place or with others who can run over with the key

A careful consumer is the scammer's worst nightmare.  Check and verify!  Advertising and searches can provide false or misleading information.  Check addresses and visit business locations listed.  Call the "local" phone number and beware if they answer with a generic name (not telling their real name for a reason), ask for your zip code (a sign they are not local), or if they offer too-good-to-be-true pricing or response time.  Verify the identity of the locksmith on arrival and CONFIRM THE PRICE before they touch anything.