Smart Cars/ Keyless Openers are Expensive


Smart systems on automobiles work with a remote sensor that talks or transmits to the car computer. Having the remote on you allows you to open the doors by just holding the handle and pushing a button to start the car.

My new Toyota Prius came with the system. It took a little getting used to, but now I love walking up to my car and just putting my hand on the handle to open or lock the car. I get in and push the button to start without fumbling to find my keys. No more dropping my keys as I shift my packages trying to insert a key in a lock.

As a consumer, I love it. As a locksmith, I wonder if the sensors and remotes will give me problems as the car gets older. At this time most smart systems are serviced only by the dealers and my dealer wants $300 for an extra remote. Sensors and computers are expensive to replace or repair.

Times are changing faster than I can compute. Hands free opening and starting. What's next? Hands Free Driving? You bet!

Lost your car key? That'll be $400 - MSN Money