Before and After: Replacing Antique Bathroom Lock

This is the first in our "Before and After" series, showcasing the installations done by our locksmiths.

Problem: The bathroom lock was an old mortise style lock. It was probably 90-100 years old and the latch was broken.

Current similar replacements for this lock are very poor quality and usually don't last very long with normal usage.

A modern lock could be installed using plates to cover all the cut-outs from the old lock. But this was not the look the customer wanted.

Solution: Replace with a quality lock that looks similar to the old lock and looks like it belongs.

Our locksmith created a custom metal plate for the edge of the door. This would hold the new latch and bolt in place while covering the gap left by the old lock. With this edge plate the customer was able to choose from the Emtek line of sideplate thumbturn Privacy locks. (

The final picture is of the Emtek oval beaded plates with beaded egg knobs in a French Antique finish.

The lock works great and looks great!