Before and After: Basement Door Break-in Repair

This part of our "Before and After" series, showcasing the installations done by our locksmiths.

Problem: Fixing a broken lock on a basement door that was forced open.

The customer did not want to replace the door.

The solution needed to cover the damage, strengthen the door, and improve security.

Solution: We used a 4" brass door wrap by Don Jo under the new lock. Door wraps are designed to both strengthen the door and cover the damage from the break in.

Then we installed a 13" latch protector to cover the damage to the door frame and the pry marks further down on the door.  This particular latch protector is called "The Door Guardian." It's designed for in-swinging doors and consists of two interlocking pieces made of heavy steel. This joins the door and frame so inserting tools to pry open the door is difficult.