Winter's Frozen Locks Have Arrived

Chicago's under our first Winter Weather Advisory of the year.  Freezing rain.  Falling temperatures. These conditions are perfect for frozen locks.

The simplest solution is always prevention.  Lubricate your outside locks before they freeze.  (Use WD-40, Tri-Flo or another spray recommended for lock lubrication)

If your lock is already frozen, you're not out of luck.

  • You can try a lock de-icer that you can pick up at most locksmith or hardware stores.
  • If that doesn't work, you'll need to warm the lock with a hair dryer.  (Never use a torch, flames, or anything with high heat!  This will damage the lock!)  Make sure to lubricate your locks after you use a de-icer or your locks could be damaged.
  • Or you can call a locksmith. However, if it is a good freeze there may be a waiting line.

You can find more details for preventing your locks from freezing in our original article "Chicago Winter and Frozen Locks".