PHS Locksmith In-Store Services:
PHS To-Your-Door Services:
We Sell Quality Locks and Door Hardware
Door Locks and Hardware:
Mortise Locks, Knobs, Levers, Deadbolts, Decorative Hardware, High Security Locks, Commercial Grade Hardware, ADA Compliant Hardware, Door Closers, Panic Bars, Hinges, Door Bumpers, Keyless Entry and more!
We Carry Top Brands:
Medeco High Security, Emtek Decorative Hardware, Baldwin, Schlage A-Series, Adams Rite, LCN, Arrow, US Lock Products,Von DuPrin, Yale, and more!
Padlocks for all uses!
Rekeyable, Weather Resistant, Airline Compliant, High Security, Combination Locks, and more! (There is no additional charge for keyed alike locks or for matching a new lock to an existing key.)
Mailbox locks
We keep mailboxes in stock. Need a replacement mailbox lock? Bring in your old mailbox lock and we'll find it!
Furniture Locks
Office Furniture and Home Furniture. Bring in your old locks.
And Much More!
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High Security Lock Systems
Medeco High Security Systems
Residential and Commercial Properties will benefit from patent restricted keys.
Control the Number of Your Keys
How many people have keys to your house? Babysitter, house sitter, dog walker, cleaner? Common house keys can be duplicated at any hardware shop. Anyone holding your key, can have another one made unless you have high security systems with patent protected Key Control. Patented keys can ONLY be duplicated by authorized users of the system. In other words, when you lend out a key, you can be sure that no copies will be made.
High Security Strength
High security systems are armed with drill-resistance, solid steel bolts, and pick "proof" protection. These locks are designed to stand strong against battery drills and professional lock pickers. Protect your home and family with the strength of high security.
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Safe Sales and Repairs
Safe Showroom
We carry many different types of safes in our showroom. We have many sizes of free-standing safes, floor safes, wall safes, cash boxes and drop safes. Ask about our floor model sales. We have fire-rated safes, burglar rated safes, and some that are both, fire rated and burglar rated.
Safe Recombination
Need to change the combination of your safe? Lost the key or combination? If you have a small safe that you can transport, bring it PHS Locksmiths and we will give you an estimate for repairs. If your safe is not small enough to transport, we can send our technician to you.
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Lock ReKeying and Master Keying
Do you think someone else may have your key? Instead of changing the entire lock, rekeying is a more economical solution. Using your existing locks, we can make the locks work with different keys. Your old keys will no longer operate your locks. Bring in your locks and a working key, if available.
Many apartment building and business owners keep their buildings on a master key system. We can create new master key systems or maintain old ones. We suggest using High Security Locks when masterkeying, because when you masterkey locks for convenience, you lose some security.
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Lock Repairs
Free In-Store Inspections!
If your lock is not working, bring it in to our shop. We are always happy to inspect a malfunctioning lock to identify the problem. We will tell you whether or not it can be fixed and offer you the best solution if not.
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Key Duplication
Yes, we make keys! We duplicate house keys, car keys, mailbox keys, furniture keys, and more! Bring in even your "odd ball" keys, we probably have them.
Programmable Car Keys
We make many of the programmable car keys for domestic cars. At least one working key and the vehicle are required for programming most keys. The programming usually takes about 20 minutes. Call ahead!
Broken Keys
If you have all of the pieces, we can usually make you a working key. Do not try to reattach your key. Using a magnet or super glue may ruin your lock.
Lost the Key?
There are a number of different ways we can manufacture a key from scratch. If you've lost your key, bring in your lock and the brand name/manufacturer who made the item. We'll do the rest.
Lost Your Car Keys?
Car keys may be made from a key code. Key codes are usually kept by the car dealers for five years, but you will need to contact them to obtain the key code. (Please bring identification for keys cut from code numbers.)
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Technical Support
We Help Do-It-Yourselfers
Are you installing the locks yourself? Do you have questions about the existing locks on your doors? Are you planning to upgrade your security? We can assist you with these questions and many others. At PHS Locksmiths, we are always willing to help customers in any stage of their project.
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Professional Installation
Have It Done Right!
Installation is available for all the products we sell and recommend. All three of our locksmiths have more than 20 years of experience and training. PHS firmly believes in continuing education so we can offer our customers the best installation possible.
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High Security Lock & Key Systems
Control Who Has Your Keys
We offer free estimates. High security and key control go hand in hand with Medeco locks. Medeco is the professional locksmith's choice for security.
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Access Control Systems
Access Control and Closed Circuit Cameras
Technology is changing rapidly. Locks can now report who came and went through your door and at what time. Cameras can be practically invisible and wireless technology may soon be good enough for wireless systems to be reliable. Whatever your needs, we are here to advise on reliable and affordable keyless systems for your home or business.
Computers are not as secure and reliable as we would like, but we will be happy to help you evaluate your needs.
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Residential and Commercial Lock Rekeying
When You Need It To Work With A Different Key
Lost keys, thft, fired employee? All require your locks to be rekeyed to restore security. It might also be an opportune time to change to highsecurity locks for your home or business. Estimates are free.
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Safe Installation
Delivery and Installation
We offer delivery for the models of safes we sell. We will install bolt-down models for a reasonable charge. Wall safes and floor safes should be installed by a licensed contractor. Remodeling? Why not install and hide a safe in your reconstruction?
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Master Key Systems
Masterkey With Care
Convenience replaces security in masterkey systems. Because the potential to compromise your security is so great with a masterkey system, it is important to have a professional locksmith design the system. Mistakes or poor judgement made by a non-professional in the design of the system may leave your property vulnerable.
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