New Locks for Old

Houses in the Oak Park area can easily be over 100 years old. When an original door lock breaks there may not be an exact match for replacement. A trip to the home center will make you realize that the lock you have is very different from all the locks on their shelves. The local locksmith shop may be your next stop.

It is good to bring in the old lock or, if that is not possible, pictures with measurements may be enough to get some information.

Sometimes the old lock can be repaired and will last several more years. If not, your door need not be replaced. There are many ways to replace the hardware and retain the integrity of the door and design of the home.

Emtek Manufacturing has produced a full line of decorative locks that restore the appearance of the period. The pricing is within the affordable range. The locks are well made and have a two year warranty. You will need a good installation to make the transition.