October is Crime Prevention Month

Check your locks and keys NOW!

There is a chill in the air and soon the phone will start ringing with customers breaking off keys in their locks.

If your keys or locks are difficult to work now, how do you think they will act when we get that first freeze?  Check for hard to lock or hard to turn problems. Take time now and lubricate your locks.  A teflon or silicone base spray is usually good to use. Graphite can accumulate in locks and cause other problems.

Consult a locksmith if you can't figure out why you have a problem.  If the key is cut too low or is off in some way a locksmith will probably be able to figure out how to make a good key.  If the lock is hard to turn and lock, it may need a minor adjustment.

Emergencies never happen at a convenient time.  Paying attention to the problem ahead of time will allow scheduling at your convenience and save you from the high prices of the emergency services.

Stop in or call 708-386-3334 to discuss your problem.