Health Insurance and the Locksmith

Most people never know the true cost of health insurance or the panic when an insurance company won't cover you because someone you've hired has a serious pre-existing condition. (The law prevents you from asking health related questions when you hire a new employee.)

For the past 28 years we have received annual increases as high as 36%. Every year we either had to change carriers, lower our coverage or find a way to pay the increase. When my husband was diagnosed with diabetes our premiums soared as our small business group was rated high risk. Still we were gratefull that business was good and we could afford the high premiums.

We raised our deductible several times and cut back our coverage until we settled on an HMO. Insurance companies refused to pay for treatments that were pre-approved and constantly under-paid the doctors. In addition to the high premiums, we were paying for more and more of the medical expense.

I was seriously considering closing our business and trying to get a job that provided health insurance. Then President Obama and the legislators took on the insurance industry. Suddenly, we only saw a 7% increase in our annual premium. Pre-existing conditions would no longer be an obstacle. We could continue to provide health insurance coverage for my family and my employees. Until the Republicans swore to take away that safety net and let the insurance companies go back to running the game their way. On this news we saw a 39% increase in our premium.

We have never had a serious medical expense in 28 years. We have paid very high premiums for less and less coverage. Reversing the affordable health care law would destroy our business because we will not operate without health insurance and risk losing everything we have. We need Obamacare!