Back To School - Kids vs. Keys


For many parents this is a difficult time of balancing work and children. Back to school means many children will arrive home before their parents. Some tips that may help you keep your security while allowing your child to gain entry are:

Tip 1.  If you give them a key, it is a very good idea to get a lanyard that can be pinned into their book-bag. It should be long enough for the key to reach the lock without being unfastened from the bag. If they don't lose their book-bag, they won't lose the key.

Tip 2.  Install a metal keybox that can hold the house key or even better the garage key(then hide the house key in the garage) to be accessed by a pushbutton combination.  See our previous article "Sturdy Key Box Stops Lock Outs".

Tip 3.  There are many keypad locks available. Some are electronic and some are mechanical. The big problem with these is your child's friends. Children are fascinated with locks, and within a short time they will all know the combination to your lock.

Tip 4.  If all your locks use the same key and the key is lost you have a big problem. If you have one door keyed different to make a children's entrance you have a smaller problem. You would only have the lock(s) on one door to rekey.

Tip 5.  Plan ahead for the lost key situation. A helpful neighbor or a hidden key may be needed so your child is not locked out until you can get home.

Have a safe and happy school year.